Metal Shingle Roofs

Learn A Few Things About Metal Shingle Roofs

Are you a homeowner? Are you interested in having a new metal roof installed on top of your home? Do you hesitate to do this because you fear your home might wind up looking like a barn or maybe even too modern for the neighborhood you live in? If you find yourself saying yes to these questions, then you should think about having a roof of architectural metal shingles installed, since they can offer the very same supreme performance as other premier systems.

example of metal shingle roofing

Metal shingle roofs give their owners the distinct look that traditional roof systems might have, including tiles, slate, cedar shingles, composition shingles, and much more. On top of this, most metal shingle roofs cost less than a similar standing seam roof, while still giving their owners the same levels of longevity, durability, and protection.

If your home is a brick house or even in the classic colonial style, then it’s worth looking into a metal shingles roof, because you can get all the advantages of a metal roof while preserving your traditional and authentic look.

What’s This All About Anyway?

Following standing seam metal roofing, the interlocking metal shingle kind of roof is the second highest in popularity in the category of residential metal roofing. Numerous manufacturers provide a tremendous variety of differing style of metal shingles. The most frequently used materials in metal shingle manufacturing are aluminum and G90 galvanized steel, although you can even find a few zinc and copper kinds of shingles.

Manufacturers make metal shingles by using a stamping press, which metal coil is fed through before the die uses two or three steps to stamp the actual shingle. In the first step, the specific profile of the shingle gets stamped out, along with the lock flanges. In the following steps, the locks get made before the shingle comes out from the stamping press before being packaged into boxes.

You might be interested to know that the majority of metal shingles come already painted, usually with Kynar 500 or an equivalent-caliber paint. There are typically seven different layers of primer and paint baked right onto the metal coil.


Two primary distinguishing characteristics of most metal shingles are their low profiles and four-way interlocking designs. The low profile means that metal shingles are easy for walking on when being installed without damaging them. Also, the simplified roof flashing system makes them much easier to install, so they cost less than standing seam roofs.

Natural slate impression and cedar shingle are two of the more popular styles of modern metal shingles. Metal shingles like these can resemble other kinds of premier roofing materials quite closely. However, in the case of cedar shingles, the installation cost is about the same, or a lot less in terms of slate impressions metal shingles. Metal shingles are also going to usually last far longer than cedar shingles do.

The simple flat tile impression is another very popular kind of metal shingles, and it’s basically just a smooth-surfaced metal shingle that has stiffening ribs along the middle, which creates the look of different tiles. These same stiffening ribs get used in every other kind of metal shingle.