Metal Roofing Cost

Metal Roofing has numerous advantages over using asphalt shingles.

It therefore has a comparable cost to Cedar Shake and Tile style roofing. Residential metal roofing, on average, is double the cost, and can range up to three times over that of asphalt shingle installation. That being said, metal roofing is expensive up front, however, in the long haul, the last will last much longer and actually cost less compare to asphalt shingle life spans and replacement costs.

red metal roof installation on sea-side home

When a metal roof system is professionally installed, is can last the lifetime of the building or home. Not only that, your maintenance cost will be relatively zero. It is also proven to offer significant cost savings on heating and cooling costs due to lower heat loss because of high R-Values.

Metal Roofing can also give your home or building a beautiful unique look as well as increase its resale value.

Before we go into a detailed cost breakdown, lets take a look at the cost-recouped, a metal roof appreciation value, and life-cycle cost diagrams.

Recouped Value chart

Recouped Value – Prices shown US funds – Accent is percentage values

Life-cycle Cost of All Roofing Materials

As you can see, Metal Roofing has the lowest cost overall.

Steel Roof Prices

Expect to pay at least $9.00 per square foot for materials and labor to install a steel shingle metal roofing system, and at least $11.50 per square foot and up for a standing seam metal roof made out of Galvalume steel. Steel roofing materials cost approximately $3.50 to $4.00 per square ft, while steel standing seam costs approximately $5.25 to $6.75 per square ft depending on a number of panels ordered.
Here’s what you need to remember, the less panel you order, the higher your cost will be. A smaller job is normally priced higher on a per square basis compared a larger exterior remodeling job.

Aluminum Roof Prices

Aluminum roofing cost range is generally a little more than steel. Aluminum starts at $5.35 per square ft for materials alone, including trim and metal flashing’s. The total package cost for materials and installation would be anywhere from $9.00 to $16.00 per square foot for an aluminum roof, with $14.00 per sq. ft. installed, being the Canadian industry average.

Copper / Zinc Roof Prices

Copper and zinc roofing cost range anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00 for materials costs alone. A professionally installed system would bring that up another 4 – 7.00 per square for zinc or copper shingles. It would cost anywhere from 6.75 to 10.50 per square foot for copper standing seam installation, which would additionally involve soldering or welding of copper seams.