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Building Owners, you are here, because you are researching residential, or commercial metal roofing materials and systems. We provide listings and reviews of Metal Roofing Manufacturers, materials, and products to ease your research. You will be able research material and pricing information, obtain latest news, and compare residential and commercial metal roofing systems.

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Drexel Metals

Drexel Metals Metal Roofing Manufactuer

Drexel Metals LLC is dedicated to growing opportunity for regional manufacturers of metal roofing through its DMARM (Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers). The way the process works, is that an approved metal roofing contractor supplier purchases metal roofing roll out machine that enables them to roll out standing seam metal roofing panels in different profiles, in field and on demand. Thus, a Drexel approved supplier / manufacturer can manufacture standing seam metal roofing panels to order, or on the job.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Classic Metal Roofing Systems Manufacturer

Classic manufactures aluminum metal roofing systems for residential uses. It sells its products through the network of exclusive dealers set by geographic locations. Dealers in turn, have full control of selling and installing Classic metal roofing products. Profiles offered include; aluminum shingles, shakes, tiles, and standing seam. Their products are of decent quality, but it is rather on the expensive side.

Englert Inc. Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Englert Inc. Metal Roofing Systems Manufacturer

Provides contractors with Metal Man rollforming machines that run and curve standing seam metal roofing panels on site. Englert's standing seam metal roofing systems are available in Galvalume Steel, and Aluminum. Panels are coated with solar reflective coating and are Energy Star and Green building accreditation compliant. Ability to rollform metal roofing panels on site results in a timely start and completion of a metal roofing project, and creates room for potential cost savings.

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