Metal Roofing Systems Overview

Top Metal Roofing Systems Overview


Popular Metal Roofing Systems Overview

There are six main types of metal roofing systems; standing seam, metal shingle, corrugated roofing, stone coated steel roofs, metal shakes, and sheet metal roofing. There are countless variations and custom built metal roofing systems available for residential, commercial and industrial use, as well.

Standing Seam Roofing

Perhaps, the most widely used and recognized metal roofing system is standing seam metal roof. Standing seam is being used extensively in residential and commercial new construction and re-roofing applications. Standing seam is manufactured by many different metal roofing manufactures, and can be obtained through roofing supply warehouses in most states in the U.S. Standing seam roofing is a grouping of metal roofing panels pointed vertically, and joined together at the sides that form the seams. Standing seam metal roofs can be rolled out in field, or be ordered from a metal roofing supplier in pre-cut panels. The width of the metal panels typically ranges from 12 to 19 inches. The panels can be rolled from aluminum, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, stainless steel, titanium, zinc, and copper sheets, or coils. Standing seam can be architectural, which requires solid substrate, and structural, which only requires a frame, and no sheeting is necessary.

Green Standing Seam Metal Roofing System

Metal Shingles

Metal Shingles

Another common type of metal roof is metal shingle roofing. Metal shingles can be made from aluminum, steel, and copper. The advantage of using metal shingle is that it offers traditional look, comes in variety of styles, does not require knowing exact panel lenght, which is the case with standing seam, and comes in a four way interlocking design. Metal Shingles offers variations such as metal slates, which helps building owner attain the desired look.

Corrugated Sheet Roofing

Mostly a commercial and industrial roofing system, corrugated metal roofing is used on farm barns, commercial structures, agricultural and industrial buuildings. However, there are also some corrugated sheer roofing profiles that are appropriate for residential applications. For instance, G-90 steel corrugeted roofing system finished with a Kynar 500 equivalent paint finish would be appropriate for basic residential applications, mostly gable-type roofs.

Corrugated Metal Roof on a Residence

Stone Coated Steel Roofs

Granulated small stones adhered to galvalume, or galvanized steel roofing panel is another common type of metal roofing profile. Stone coated metal roofs come in in shingle, and tile profiles. They are light weight compared to the weight of real clay tiles, or asphalt shingle roofs. Stone coated steel roofs are used in residential and commercial roofing projects, and come with Energy Star, and Cool Roof rated colors.

Stone Coated Steel Roof Tiles

Stone Coated Steel Roof

Sheet Metal Roofing

Some contractors have access to sheet metal shops where they can custom form / fabricate roofing panels made from sheet metal that can be made from aluminum, tin, steel, copper and zinc. Custom fabricated sheet metal roofing is used in residential and commercial roofing, and re-roofing applications.

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